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Finding a Meeting Room
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  Independent Clubs Clubhouse at Rossmoor  
1 Computer Club of Rossmoor
Maintains a Computer Lab of nine computers with Internet Connection, available to all club members and provides monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of every month at 10AM on a wide range of Computer related topics. The Club offers a wide variety of educational classes from "Learning Basics About Computers" to becoming educated about many different software programs, and digital photography. To learn more about the Computer Club, click HERE.
2 Croquet Club
To promote the game of Six Wicket American Croquet as a not for profit organization within the Rossmoor Community; to uphold the standards and rules of the United States Croquet Association; and to foster fellowship and camaraderie among our members. For more information about the Croquet Club click HERE.
3 Dance Club
Sponsors monthly dance socials, and is open to Rossmoor couples who enjoy ballroom dancing.
4 Democratic Club
To advocate the principles and philosophy of the Democratic Party, to advance the election of the Democratic candidates who best represent the highest principles of democratic government, and to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party within Rossmoor.
5 Emerald Society
Engages in social and educational activities which promote the culture and heritage of Ireland.
6 Indian American Club  
7 Italian American Club
Engages in social and educational activities which promote the culture and heritage of Italy.

Kiwanis Club of Rossmoor
Part of an international service organization founded in 1915 and dedicated to charitable work and helping others. Membership is open to Rossmoor residents looking to volunteer their time and talents through service projects to improve the lives of the less fortunate -- especially children -- locally and throughout the world, and to meet others similarly inclined. Meetings in Clubhouse 7:30pm first Tuesday of month; luncheon at local restaurant third Friday of month. To learn more about the International Organization to which the Rossmoor Club belongs, click HERE.

9 Live and Learn
Is one of Rossmoor's oldest organizations. It is a non-affiliated group open to all residents. The group has covered such topics as: Greek Myths; Composers of Musical Theatre; Celebration of Don Quixote in art, music and ballet; Authors such as Balzac, Colette, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, and even Dante's Inferno. There have been programs on "Tibet" and "Early Radio Days." We conduct Round Table discussions on interesting topics such as "First Paying Job," "The Road not taken," "Memories of the Great Depression" and "Favorite Books at different stages of your life." The first program in Sept 2008 was an actor's impersonation of Mark Twain.
10 NJ Social & Cultural Club
Dedicated to finding what is special about New Jersey. The club sponsors speakers on various topics of interest about New Jersey having offered such programs as "Beneath the waters of NJ - The Holland Submarine," "Black Bears in NJ," "Edison: the man, the myth, the adventure," "New Jersey's role in the Civil War," "The USS New Jersey," "History of the Delaware and Raritan Canal," "The Lighthouse Society," "The NJ Tomato" and many others. With a few exceptions it meets at 1:30 PM on the last Friday of the month in the Ballroom except during July and August.  
11 Players
Produces and performs plays in Rossmoor. Holds monthly meetings that include entertaining lectures, discussions and skits; sponsors trips to local theaters. While most members are simply theater lovers - others may be actors, entertainers, directors, writers; or backstage talent who assist with makeup, costumes, music, sound, lighting, set design, stage management and publicity. Periodic club/cast parties are enjoyed by all.
12 Rental Library
To provide the latest works of fiction, non-fiction and mysteries to our members. Library is located within the clubhouse adjacent to the E&R office.
13 Republican Club
A political organization for those men and women who believe in Republican standards such as fiscal responsibility and smaller government.

Rossmoor Music Association
The RMA promotes the love of classical music at Rossmoor. We organize and stage six concerts a year in the Meeting House. Attractions range from string quartets to in situ opera stars and distinguished solo artists. Tickets are available at the door for $12 per concert. Subscriptions for the season, six concerts in all, are $60. We also periodically stage performances to which all residents of Rossmoor are invited, free of charge. Read more >>>

Rossmoor Chorus
Meets every Wednesday at 4 PM in the Meeting House for practice. The group sings on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Meeting House for a Service; at 2 Interfaith Services during the year; a Christmas Celebration at Forsgate Country Club, and others. The Chorus sings for the enjoyment of its members and performs before a number of worthy local organizations. They go "on vacation" during July and August. In December of 2008, the Chorus became an Associate of the Rossmoor Music Association. Read more >>>

15 Trips of Distinction
To engage in social and educational activities through travel, to promote fellowship among its members, and to cooperate in beneficial endeavors with each other, individuals, groups and organizations in the community.
Finding a Meeting Room
West End of the Clubhouse
Clubhouse diagram
East End of the Clubhouse
  Education and Recreation Department (E&R) Activities  
  Cards and Games Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
1 Black Jack
Players meet Monday at 1:30 PM in the Reading Room.
2 Bridge
New games are forming for experienced players only. Sign up at the E&R office. Need lessons? Anyone interested in teaching please contact E&R.
3 Canasta
New games forming. Sign up in the E&R Office.
4 Chess and Checkers
Players meet Fridays at 1:30 PM in the Reading Room. If you would like to play on your own, game pieces are kept in the E&R Office. Ask the custodian after hours.
5 Majong
Ongoing. Lessons available. Sign up in the E&R Office.
6 "May I"
Players meet Mondays at 1 PM. Read about this game by clicking HERE Contact E&R for more information.
7 Pinochle
Players meet Wednesdays, 1 PM. Sign up in the E&R Office.
8 Pokeno
Players meet Mondays, 12 noon. Sign up in the E&R Office.
9 Poker
Ongoing, day and evening. Sign up in the E&R Office.
11 Pool
The Pool Hall in the Clubhouse is open 8AM - 10PM, 7 days a week. Equipment is available in the Pool Hall. Guests are welcome, but must be at least 16 years of age and supervised by a resident.
11 Scrabble
Players meet Wednesdays at 1:30PM.

GameRoom: Located on the second floor of the clubhouse complete with card tables, poker tables, and a 42" HD LCD Flat Screen TV.

  Art Programs Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
12 Art Appreciation
To create, extend and stimulate appreciation and interest in the Arts with demonsrations, speakers, instruction, trips and movies. Monthly meetings. Contact E&R for information.
13 Art Class
Meets Wed, 9:30AM to Noon in the Gallery. Residents enjoy painting and drawing. A resident artist/volunteer will offer advice, basic instruction or critique your work. Easels provided. Bring your own supplies.
14 Open Art
Friday, 9:30AM to Noon. Work on your own.
15 Ceramics Studio
Hours: Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 AM to noon. Tuesday 1-4 PM, and Thursday 6:30-9 PM. Monitor present. Molds & Kiln on site. Supplies on your own or purchased in small groups. Classes available. Sign up in the E&R. Read more about ceramics by going to the Ceramics Workshop Page on the Rossmoor Site.
16 Pottery
Hours: Wednesday, 9AM to Noon. Monitor Present.
17 Rug Hooking - Traditional Rug Hooking is one of the few crafts-arts that originated in North America. We recycle wool clothing, blankets, etc., into beautiful rugs, pillow, mats and purses. Simple and lots of fun!  
18 Stained Glass - hours by apppointment. Contact E&R for details.  
19 Woodshop
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM to 4PM and Saturday, 8AM - noon. Monitor present. Residents only. Must sign safety release form. For more information about what the Woodshop offers, and projects that are underway, click HERE.
  Cultural Programs Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
20 Cultural Program Series
Every month, a different country will be highlighted. Programs consist of various types of entertaining lectures, movies, slide presentations or perhaps even a sampling of a variety of foods from the region. Also anyone interested in presenting a program should contact the E&R Department.
21 German-American
Meets the last Thursday of the month at 1:30 PM in the Gallery.
22 Greek-American
Meets on the First Tuesday of the month at 1 PM in the Maple Room.
23 Polish-American Club
First Friday of the month at 1 PM in the Maple Room.
  Educational Programs Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
24 Aviation
Presented by Paul Pittari. Programs focusing on the wonder of flight on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 1:30 PM in the Ballroom.
25 Book Discussion
Meets on the 2nd Thursday, at 3 PM in the Maple Room. List of books available in the E&R Office. All are welcome.
26 Learning Lectures
Presented by Mike Ferreira. Programs range from Broadway to Opera to History. Tuesdays, 1 PM, Ballroom.
27 Writer's Group
Meets on the last Thursday every month, at 10AM in the Cedar Room. This group of residents is responsible
for the literary publication "The Rossmoor Fox." All are welcome.
                                                  Click HERE to read the most recent copy of the "Rossmoor Fox."
  Just for Fun Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
28 Liars Group
A group of residents gather to share interesting stories. You have to guess whether or not they are true! Held on the 2nd Friday at 10AM.
  Sports Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
29 Bocce
League Play is Mon & Wed at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM, and on Tues & Thurs 3:30PM, 5:30PM and 6:30 PM. Otherwise courts are open to residents from 9AM to 8 PM. Equipment is available in the storage bin located by the courts. No key required. Interested in joining a league? Contact the Bocce Representative through the E&R for more information.
30 Bowling
Leagues Play spring and fall at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick.
31 Hiking
Residents travel to the prettiest outdoor locations in NJ to hike and enjoy the beauty of our state. Schedules are available from the E&R.
32 Nintendo Wii
Come play this modern electronic game - in which the player physically controls the various game balls on the Monitor Screen! Play Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf & Tennis.Meets in the Game Room, 2nd floor of the Clubhouse..

(from the Nintendo, wii website)

  • "Play Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing even in the comfort of one's living room. No ball boys scurrying about, no oil from the alleys to get players dirty and no rain to keep anyone from a day at the court, park or course. Use the Wii Remote controller to mimic the actions of swinging a racket, bat or club, roll a ball down an alley or bring the left jab."
  • "People of all skill levels can pick up and play any of the games in the unprecedented Wii Sports package, making this truly a title for everyone!"
33 Pickleball
It is a combination of Tennis, Ping Pong and Badminton. League Play on Court "C." For those wanting to learn more about the game, go to the Pickleball Page on the Rossmoor Website, and go to the Website of the USA Pickleball Association. Equipment is available in storage bin located near court. See current schedule in E&R.
34 Shuffleboard
League play is Monday/Wednesday, or Tuesday/Thursday, 10 AM to Noon. Otherwise, courts are open to residents 9AM to 8PM. Equipment is available in the storage closet located by the courts. If you are interested in joining a league, inquire at the E&R Department.
33 Table Tennis League Play is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday - 9 AM to noon. Otherwise, tables are open to residents Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday on request.  
35 Tennis
League schedule and sign-up for matches is located by the Gazebo. Otherwise courts are open to residents. Bring your own equipment. If you are interested in joining a league, contact E&R to reach a Tennis Representative.
  Exercise and Dance Classes Clubhouse at Rossmoor UP
36 Aqua Aerobics
A professional instructor offers this program in the summer months at the pool. 8 week sessions.
37 DVD Exercise Class
Meets Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:30 AM in the Hawthorne Room. No Instructor. Residents exercise to various videos. There is no charge to participate and no sign up is required.
38 Fitness Center Hours
Daily 5AM to 10 PM. Full line of exercise wquipment and instructional sessions regularly scheduled. For more information, visit the Fitness Center page on the Rossmoor Website.
39 Line Dancing
Meets Tuesdays at 7 PM in the Hawthorne Room. Resident Instructor provides lessons. Resident's line dance to great music. There is no charge to participate and no sign up is required.
40 Square Dancing
Meets on Fridays or Saturdays at 7:30 PM in the Gallery. A Certified Square Dance Caller runs this fun and enjoyable class. The cost is $3 per session, payable directly to the Caller. No sign up is required.
41 Yoga
This group meets on Wednesday at 9:30 AM in the Cedar Room. Certified Instructor and Resident, Norman Perkus runs this healthful and insightful class; Breathe, Stretch, Relax. Bring own floor mat. There is no charge and all are welcome.
42 Zumba Gold
Upon request, a professional instructor teaches the Zumba Gold fitness Program which fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow movves for a super fun workout. 6 week sessions.
43 Trips Clubhouse at Rossmoor
The E&R Department plans a number of trips for the entire community; local day trips, charter bus trips - both local and over night as well as trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Europe. We also plan several cruises. Check the Clubhouse Update of the Rossmoor News for all the details. Click HERE to access the E&R Newsletter.
  Religious Organizations  
  1 Catholic Society
Provides the opportunity for Catholics to celebrate mass together as a community once a month, to cooperate on Interfaith Services and projects, and to participate in educational, spiritual and charitable experiences. To read more about the Rossmoor Catholic Society, click HERE.
2 Interfaith Council
Formed to promote mutual understanding and respect among the various faiths represented in Rossmoor, and to develop opportunities for working together in all matters in which they have a common interest. To read more about the Rossmoor Interfaith Council, click HERE.
3 Jewish Congregation
Organizes and conducts religious services, holiday celebrations and social and cultural events, participates in Interfaith activities and supports fellow Jews at home and wherever Jews are in need. To read more about the Rossmoor Jewish Congregation click HERE, or visit the Website of the Congregation.
4 Jewish Men's Club
A social organization for male members of the Jewish Congregation who have monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.
5 Sisterhood
A group of Jewish Women who support the Jewish Congregation, educate and entertain its members and raise money for charities.
6 Rossmoor Community Church - Protestant
Christian based, its Weekly Sunday Service is held in the Meeting House at 11 AM. They also cooperate on Interfaith Services and projects. To read more about the Rossmoor Community Church click HERE.
7 Women's Guild
A women's group that operates under the umbrella of the Community Church and whose membership is open to females of all faiths. The group raises funds to award scholarships and make donations to charitable causes. Each November, they sponsor a Bazaar that brings all of Rossmoor together for fun and fellowship. Monthly meetings features speakers or activities that are interesting and educational. Volunteer Knitters, Seamstresses and Crafters meet weekly to create items to sell at the Bazaar. Read more about the Guild by clicking HERE.
  Golfing Clubs - to read more about the following 3 Golf Clubs, click HERE  
Men's Golf Club
An organization that provides organized golfing competitions, as well as social events for its members.
Women's 9 Hole Golf Club
Members compete in friendly competitive rounds of 9 hole golf Tuesday mornings, May through October. New members - with a handicap of 40 or less - are welcome.
Women's 18 Hole Golf Club
A congenial group of women that play 18 holes of golf weekly, and participate in various types of competitions.
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