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The Digital Photography Group at Rossmoor

The Digital Photography Group
by Arthur Segal, for the Photography Group

This group studies Digital Photography,  and how to get the best out of our cameras and photography equipment. We study and learn new techniques of producing better and more interesting pictures. We use Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and other software programs.

The group meets every other Thursday in the computer lab from 7 to 9 PM. The 2011 season of meetings begins on Thursday, January 6. During the course of our meetings we discuss new equipment, and look at our latest work. We hold study sessions to learn to improve our skills. The sessions are very informal, but very informative.

Our camera equipment runs the gamut of digital photography. We have members with very sophisticated 35MM  equipment, as well those with less sophisticated point-and-shoot type cameras. All cameras are welcome, as are those who accompany the cameras.

For anyone interested in exploring membership in the Group or learning the dates of future meetings, feel free to contact Artie Segal at 609-409-0540
or via email at artyess@comcast.ne

The Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island. This was taken on the first day of Fall 2010. It was a beautiful summer day.


From time to time the group goes on field trips to interesting places or sites to take pictures. We have been to many interesting New  Jersey  areas in the past, such as our trip in early in October 2010. We went on our first overnight trip to the Poconos to photograph the Fall foliage and the waterfalls in eastern Pennsylvania. We have also had two photo exhibits in the Gallery where we exhibited about 90 pieces of our work in each exhibit. The pictures represented the work of all of our members.


These pictures were taken a few hours after Hurricaine Earl passed by in the summer of 2010. The surf and the waves produced huge sprays
of water. I was impressed! But notice that the bathers seemed very unimpressed or - at best - distracted.
The picture of the lady under the Beach Umbrella was taken in Belmar after a tropical storm! She too seemed very unimpressed.

We are currently making plans for the upcoming months. We hope to study the new version of Adobe Elements 9, as well as improve our picture taking talents and editing skills. Keep looking on this site for some examples of our work. AND, if you enjoy digital photography, come on up and visit us one Thursday night.

Photographs by Art Segal

"Fruit Fun"
photographed by Herb Junker


Then Winter 2010-2011 came along!
If you can remain "warm" long enough, there are some beautiful scenes with patterns of superimposed snow to be photographed. The lovely shadows and blues along places of "Water in Winter;" or deserted places where only memories of "Picnicing in the Out-of-Doors" remain - are always such great sources for enjoyable pictures.


(photography by Art Segal, Dec 2010)


Fall Photography
The Fall Season is a favorite of the photographer. At no other season is the variety of color so abundant. At almost any time and in any view, there is a picture to take. It does not make any difference where you are, whether you are in the muntains, at the shore or just strolling around the neighborhoo, there is loads to photograph.

Recently, members of our group traveled to the Pocono Mountains visiting waterfalls and mountain vistas. Some went to Allaire State Park in Pennsylvania, and up along the Delaware River; and then south to see Fall in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We visited local places as well, such as Thompson Park in Jamesburg and here at Rossmoor. The photo-ops are everywhere. Scroll down to see the many beautiful scenes we found special.

Historic Village and Allaire State Park

(photography by Roger Kaucher, Oct 2010)

(photography by Arthur Segal, late Oct 2010)
Delaware River above Lambertville, NJ

(photography by Arthur Segal, early Oct 2010)
University of Michigan Campus in the Fall

Picture was taken the weekend of October 22, 2010, on the campus of the University of Michigan. The school is larger than Monroe Township and Cranbury combined!


(photography by Arthur Segal, early Oct 2010)

South Street Seaport in New York City


These pictures were taken in early Fall 2010 at the South Street Seaport. It was a beautiful day, with thousands of picture taking opportunities everywhere you turned.                                                

 (photography by Arthur Segal)


Bushkill and Dingman Falls

Bushkill Falls

Dingman Falls

Entrance to Dingman Falls

Downstream of Dingman Falls


                                                                       (photography by Sandy Cassell)

Fall seen on a Trip to the Shenandoah Valley - November 2010


                                                                       (photography by Bernie Cooper)

Scenes within Rossmoor during the Fall

Village Green

A street in Rossmoor in early Fall

Along Rossmoor Drive

Village Green Border


                                                                       (photography by Sandy Cassell)

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