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The Outside of the Clubhouse
Springtime in Rossmoor - this view of the Clubhouse shows the attractive outside of this central community building. From its attractive columns and classic design, modern changes have equipped it with computer-level sophistication. Renovations in 2006-2007 have brought the interior design to contemporary elegance. We are including the following pictures in our tour to allow our visitors and our community to view it closely.
  The Staircase in the Lobby
The entrance to the Clubhouse and the adjacent Red Room are carefully decorated with contemporary fabrics, accessories and comfortable carpeting.



  The Hallways throughout the Clubhouse
(Also redecorated in the 2006-2007 renovation project.) These views of the hallways show the updated appearance of the interior.

There is an elevator near the Red Room which provides access to the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse where facilities such as the Computer Lab, the Rossmoor News office and the "Gold Room" - another of the Clubhouse's many meeting rooms.
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