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Rossmoor Community Bus Schedule 2016 (updated 01/30/16)
For a full schedule and details about making reservations (for shopping or for transportation within the community) click HERE.
Bus Transportation to and from New York City.

Public Bus Transportation The Suburban Transit/Coach USA (Line 300 schedule in PDF) in coordination with the Academy Bus Lines, picks up and drops off at Bus Stops just outside of Rossmoor at either the junction of Rossmoor and Forsgate Drive (in front of the Main Gate - North Gate), or just outside of the East Gate on Applegarth Rd. There are other local pickup areas as well at the Car Park on Applegarth Rd just south of Rossmoor - Parking here, however, requires a vehicle sticker at an annual fee of $50; in front of the Clearbrook Community on Applegarth; and at the 8A Park and Ride lot on Rt 130 and Rt#32. (Refer to the above Bus Schedules for specific stops other than Rossmoor.)

Round Trip Tickets, 10 or 20 Trip Commutation Books, and Monthly Saver Fares are available locally at Dee's Bagel Shop,
357 Applegarth Rd [M-Fri 6AM to 3PM; Sat-Sun 6AM to 2PM]; at the New Jersey Transit Booth in the Port Authority Bldg in New York City, windows 11-15; and the "8A Park and Ride", at Rt 130 South/Rt#32 just beyond Exit 8A of the NJ Turnpike.

NJ Transit Authority Reduced Fare Coupons

The Monroe Township Senior Center (At the Municipal Plaza Complex off Perrineville Rd) will issue this book of 24 NJ Transit Authority Reduced Fare Coupons with proof of age of 62 or more. For those 65 and above, a Medicare Card is accepted. Or a Reduced Fare ID/Card may be obtainined by showing a Social Security Card along with proof of age (62 or above) such as Driver's License or BirthCertificate. Reduced fare website with information.

Fare Coupon books are also available for customers of some of the Bank Branches in the area. This includes (as of 11/1/07) the PNC Bank on Forsgate Drive and Applegarth; and the Bank of America on Centre Drive.

These coupons - submitted at the time the ticket is purchased - reduces the roundtrip fare (as an example) for one person from $22 to $11 for qualified riders (see below).

There are Specific Restrictions on Reduced Fare Usage:
On Coach USA/Academy Bus Lines, passengers between the ages of 62 and 65 may use a reduced fare ticket only at the following times: Weekdays: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM - 6:00 AM. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: All Day.

Seniors 65 or above (or those with disabilities) may ride at the Reduced Rate at all times.
Click HERE to read the Suburban Transit Company Policy on Reduced Fares.



Bus Schedules to New York City.

To Manhattan:

  • Weekdays vs Weekends: On weekdays there are 22 scheduled trips to Manhattan leaving the Public Bus Stops outside of Rossmoor from 5:13 AM until 9:35 PM. Please consult the actual Bus Schedule as Mon-Thu and Friday differ slightly - ditto their Weekend Schedule.
    • Some go directly to the Port Authority Terminal, while
    • Others drop off outside the Port Authority Bldg, but then continue cross town on 42nd St.
      • some travel along 42nd Vanderbilt Ave and Grand Central Terminal, and then to Lexington Ave.
      • some continue on 42nd St. turning north on Madison Ave to 50th and 59th Streets.
  • Weekends: Saturday: 7 trips to Manhattan; Sunday: 4 trips to Manhattan.

Return Trips from Manhattan to Rossmoor:

  • Weekdays: There are 29 return trips from the Port Authority Terminal which stop at Rossmoor from 8:30 AM with the last arriving 15 minutes after midnight.
  • Weekends: On Saturdays there are 7 trips which stop at Rossmoor from 9:55 AM until 9:55 PM. On Sundays there are 4 trips to Rossmoor arriving from 10:50 AM until 9:20 PM

    [As any bus schedule is complicated and varied, please carefully consult the printed schedule for precise details of leaving and arrival times. Printed schedules are readily available from Ticket Agents as well as OnLine as noted above.]
Bus Transportation from Rossmoor to Princeton, Freehold and elsewhere.

Monroe Township Bus Shuttle Service
Click HERE for all Shuttle TimeTables from Monroe Township Website, look below for specific route schedules..

To Princeton:
Route A Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday:

There are 2 scheduled trips leaving Old Nassau Rd in Rossmoor to Rt. 130 E. Windsor Town Center Plaza, Princeton Junction Rail Station, Palmer Square, Princeton Hospital and the Princeton Shopping Center with 2 return trips from these locations each afternoon. Schedule available as a PDF file for Route A which services Rossmoor.

To Freehold:
Route A stopping at Rossmoor, Monday through Friday :

There are 2 scheduled trips leaving Old Nassau Rd in Rossmoor to Concordia Shopping Center, Centra State Hospital, and the Freehold Raceway Mall with 2 return trips from these locations each afternoon. Schedule available as a PDF file.

Intown Monroe Township:
Tuesday and Thursday:

Municipal Complex and Library; Concordia Shopping Ctr; Town Ctr/Apple Plaza; and Jamesburg.
Schedule available as a PDF file.

Middlesex County Area Transit (MCAT):
A "Share Ride" Service for routine Medical Appointments

Reservations (732) 521-6100. Please read the Brochure of times, and regulations for use carefully.
Schedule a vailable as a PDF file.

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