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Golf Croquet
Differing from "American" or "International" Croquet (read an overview of these games by the United States Croquet Assn), Golf Croquet has gained in popularity as an interesting variety. This form of the game has been described as "The sociable and fun game of golf croquet . . . " (Betty Anne Sullivan-Szuts of the Rossmoor Croquet Club). The United States Croquet Association describes the game as: ". . . A fast-paced game suitable for all levels — complete beginners to world champions."

Starting in 2010, Golf Croquet is played on the greenward adjacent to the Rossmoor Clubhouse each Friday evening from 5-7pm in the warm weather, and 4-6pm when the weather moderates.

Though the arrangement of the hoops is the same as in Traditional Croquet, at Rossmoor it is played on a "Half-court" with the starting point at the SE corner of the court.

The setup of one individual court is the following, showing the play of the 1st Six Hoops, and then the 2nd Six Hoops (with appreciation to the United States Croquet Association for the diagrams):


The Game is played by two teams, one using the blue and black balls and the other using the red and yellow balls (though there are other ways of organizing the competition). When one team scores a total of 7 points, they are the winners. If there is a 6 to 6 tie (of the 12 hoops), Hoop #3 is replayed - the winner of this play breaks the tie and is declared the winning team.

Each team contests for each individual hoop. When one team scores a point by passing through one of the hoops, then the game changes with the teams competing for the next hoop, and so on.

For those interested in reading a full detailed description of the rules, go to the United States Croquet Assn Website. Click HERE to read their "World Croquet Federation's" Rulebook on Golf Croquet.

The Vertical Split in the regulation court creating two Golf Croquet Courts
Team of Blue/Black playing a hoop
A View from the "Starting Spot" of play
Going for a point

Golf Croquet Players Group

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