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The Rossmoor Community Church was founded alongside the start of Rossmoor in 1967. There are presently almost 130 members and friends. Though associated with the United Church of Christ, its members come from many different Christian denominations (dual church membership is acceptable). The church has always been actively involved in outreach projects. "Caring for neighbors" both within and outside Rossmoor and "Ecumenism" — are hallmarks of its ministry.

Worship Services
  • Are held every Sunday Morning at 11AM in the Meeting House.
  • Communion is offered on the first Sunday of every month during the Worship Service.
  • Sermons are given by the Pastor as well as by guest speakers from New Brunswick Theological Seminaries; retired Pastors in the community as well as nearby areas, and Chaplains assigned to different locations.
  • Music is varied and includes guest soloists, instrumental presentations and Singers of the Rossmoor Chorus, and the church's own "Choristers" and "Noah's Chimers."
  • The beginning of Sunday worship is signaled throughout the area by the playing of the Church Carillon which can be heard blocks away throughout the community.
  • The 4th Sunday is: "All is Well in Rossmoor" with Rev Kahlil Carmichael at 12:30.
Upcoming Events
  • Church Picnic June 12, 2016 at $10/person
Archive of Special Seasonal Worship Services
  • Messiah Sing-Along: December 8th at 3PM. Directed by Cecile Wang and held at the Rossmoor Community Church.
  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: December 24th at 5 PM

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The Constitution of the Rossmoor Community Church


Placed on a wall near the Parlor with those of the other two Faith Communities is the original Constitution of the Rossmoor Community Church. It begins:

"Article I - Name. The name of this Church shall be the Rossmoor Community Church. We envision this church to be truly ecumenical and inter-denominational . . . .

Article IV - Membership and Organization. Membership in this church shall be open to all persons [Rossmoor Residents] who have a sincere desire to cultivate their spiritual life, who seek fellowship with kindred souls, who desire to make their lives meaningful through service and a sense of responsibility for their fellowmen . . . . "

Adopted September 24, 1967

  A view down the main aisle of the Church just before the Service Paraments of the Pulpit and Lectern Lighting the candles before Service remembers Jesus as the Light of the World.
The Altar, Lighted Candles, Paraments and Flowers as the Service begins.



Side view of Altar

Cecile Wang, music coordinator/organist


Educational Opportunities (at the Meetinghouse, all members of the community are welcome)

  • Physical/Spiritual Exercise: Fridays at 11 am in the Maple Room in the Clubhouse.

Opportunities for Service
A very important function of the Community Church is to provide a support in love through many different organizations trying to make a difference in the world we know. A partial listing follows:

  • Service on Church Boards:
    • Church Council, the executive body overseeing the business of the church.
    • Board of Deacons acting as the "Caring Body" of the church and assisting the Pastors. They provide Pastoral Care and deliver Altar Flowers to members and friends in the area.
    • Pastoral Elders who serve as worship leaders and also administer Holy Communion to those unable to attend church services.
    • Participation in Interfaith events and assisting on the Board of the Interfaith Council.

  • Benevolence and Missions
    Its mission is to encourage and educate the congregation in its commitment and giving for Christian Missions beyond the Rossmoor Community. Members support social service concerns and establish priorities. They give recommendations to the Church Council for the distribution of funds to organizations/groups that promote Christian concepts in their missions and work. The Committee also works to assure the congregation that the process to determine the distribution of funds is not biased.

    In 2015, $12,000 from the church membership was distributed by the Benevolence and the Mission Committees to recipients they voted as the best places to contribute our funds for the most good. Recipients have included (not only the food and clothing outreaches listed below) but also:

  • Habitat for Humanity
    The Rossmoor Community Church maintains financial participation in "Habitat for Humanity." The Rossmoor Community Church works specifically with the Trenton Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity supporting many of their renovation projects and contributing financial resources as well over many years. "Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. HFHI seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action . . . Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need. Habitat has built more than 150,000 houses around the world, providing more than 750,000 people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter. HFHI was founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller along with his wife Linda." [quoted from the Fact Sheet of the Habitat for Humanity Website, 11/04]

  • Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
    The church supports both physically and financially the outreach of The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (known as TASK) This organization " . . . provides free meals to people in need in the Trenton area, serving more than 3,000 nutritious meals per week. TASK'S activities are all directed towards helping patrons achieve healthier lifestyles, increased self-esteem and self-sufficiency. . . ."

    ". . . The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen was founded in the early 1980's by a small group of individuals from local churches and service organizations. Their goal was to feed the truly needy people of Trenton five days a week. Since then, the activities of TASK have greatly expanded to include many outreach programs such as: adult education, computer training, health care counseling, screening and referrals, social services, children's activities, arts and crafts . . ." [quoted from the TASK Website]

  • Elijah's Promise
    The name of this New Brunswick, NJ, outreach refers to the Biblical account of Elijah who promised a starving widow that through God's grace her oil and meal for bread would never be exhausted. (1Kings17:10-16) Over time this organization — which received the Harry Chapin Award for excellence in 2003 — provides meals for the needy and more. The Rossmoor Community Church supports the group through annual financial contributions.

    From their Website, here is a more detailed description of what they provide:
    "Since Elijah's Promise began in 1989 in New Brunswick, NJ, we have been helping low-income people in the central New Jersey community. From nutritious meals, to social services and health screening, to culinary arts job training and entrepreneurial training, to our own catering business, Elijah's Promise has been moving people from hunger to wholeness . . . twice a day during the week and once each day on weekends, the soup kitchen serves free, nutritious meals to those in need. Volunteers serve an average of 300 meals daily . . . over 97 thousand meals were served in 2003. The Promise Jobs Culinary School offers a 17 week full-time, intensive training program that prepares participants for employment in the food service industry. [The school has had] over 200 participants to date and a 95% job placement rate . . ."

  • The Ebenezer Baptist Church Soup Kitchen
    126 Lee Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    Soup Kitchen: Tues 11am-1pm
    Provides soup kitchen, non-perishable food and clothing.
    Food needs: Non-perishables
    Special needs: Seasonal clothing and funding
  • "Sock it to 'em Sunday" is a day when pairs of socks are donated by the Rossmoor Community Church congregation to the TASK group.

  • "Coats for the Needy" - For the past two years, the church has provided a collection container to receive donated winter coats from the Rossmoor Community. These coats are distributed to a Jamesburg center for needy recipients.

Social Events

  • The Church sponsors Pot-Luck Suppers.
  • There is a "Picnic" in the Ballroom in June for Members and Friends of the Church.
  • Church Members meet after Service on the 3rd Sunday of every month for socializing and refreshments provided by the Deacon's Fellowship Committee.
  • During Advent, the church often hosts an evening of caroling in the community area, concluding with a light supper in the Meetinghouse.

Women's Guild
Although the official name is the Women's Guild of the Rossmoor Community Church, there are members from other religious beliefs, some of whom serve on the board, and many residents from the Catholic and Jewish congregations are involved in the annual fundraising bazaar. Membership is only $10 a year for those residents who want to support the Guild's programs and its benevolences. The Guild meets 10 times a year on the third Thursday of the month. From September through April, there are entertaining and educational programs at 1:30 p.m. in the Meeting House. Programs have included a clown explaining the work of Shriners, and organ concert, a visit from "Molly Pitcher," a spiritual history of the area, the Monroe Township High School Chorus, "Setting Christian Goals," the Revolutionary history of the township and a fashion show. In June, instead of an afternoon program, there is a noon luncheon in the Clubhouse Ballroom to honor the Guild's senior student scholarship winners from Monroe Township High School.

The Guild supports the . . . .

  1. Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) noted above: Once or twice a month, members of the Guild volunteer their Services to serve lunch to area people.
  2. Annual Holiday Bazaar: Held on the first Saturday in November each year, most of the proceeds of which go to Scholarships for Seniors of the Monroe Township High School. Any additional funds which are raised support a number of other charitable organizations listed below. Each year, approximately $13,000-$14,000 is raised and awarded.

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