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Understanding the Exercise Apparatus of the Fitness Center 
Rossmoor maintains three categories of equipment for its residents, with a total of 23 pieces available for use:

      1. Cardio-Fitness
        • Treadmills-8 (Landice L9 - 7 medium Commercial and 1 true heavy Commercial); Club Track 510-Quintran or Stair Master)
        • Ellipticals-2 (Octane Elliptical)
        • Stationary Bicycles-3 (Schwinn Airdyne®)
        • Recumbent Bicycle-2 (Advantage 400 series; TRUE Recumbent Bike ES 9.0)
      2. Strength Training Group
        • Back and Abdominals-1 (Paramount)
        • Chest Press-1 (Cybex)
        • Leg Curls-1 (Cybex)
        • Leg Extention-1 (Cybex)
        • Pull Down-1 (Cybex)
        • Exercise Station-1 (Quantum Fitness Adult Quick Circuit 6 Exercise Station)
      3. Specific Usage for Strength Training
        • Inside Rower-1 (Concept II)
        • Hand Weights-multiple: 1 to 50 pounds

The following frames provide a brief explanation of the Fitness Center apparatus — for those unfamiliar with what they do.

(1) Cardio Fitness Equipment (aerobic exercise)

a) Treadmills (8 are available in the Fitness Center) are designed to stimulate heart rate and enhance blood supply to the heart. Its primary use is to maintain good cardiac health.

Treadmills are also very effective in stimulating regrowth of heart blood vessels in persons recovering from heart attacks, or in those where poor cardiac reserve has been identified prior to an actual attack.

In these latter instances, the person's physician will specify the limits and intensity of the exercise best suited for achieving optimum results.


Cardiac Monitoring during exercise: Two of the treadmills have a hand contact bar which monitor and display cardiac rate during the exercise to make certain correct heart rate parameters are being observed. Charts are available on the wall of the Center reinforcing the guidelines of maximum and target heart rate based on age or condition.


b) Ellipticals increase both hip and quadriceps strength as well as mobility. It has one advantage over a treadmill in that it poses no shock to the knees while exercising. For those with knee problems, this can be a great advantage, allowing full cardio-fitness exercise with minimal knee strain.

The manufacturer notes that the apparatus has:

  • 16 levels of resistance
  • 5 different pre-programmed hill profiles (Random, Fatburner, Strength, Endurance, and Interval)
  • 21" stride length
  • Ultra-quiet, smooth glide drive train

c) Stationary Bicycles — there are 4 available in the Fitness Center.

Introduced in 1977, the Schwinn Airdyne® exercise bike uses wind resistance as the drag and is exponential, so that the harder an exerciser pedals, the higher the resistance becomes. Because the fan creates resistance with air, the braking system has zero friction, virtually eliminating maintenance.

One of the advantages of using a stationary bicycle is that it insures a balance in opposing muscle groups in the legs and improves stability in the knees.






d) Recumbent Bicycles — there are 2 available in the Fitness Center.

One is the TRUE ES9.0 (left) is equipped with a contact heart rate monitoring system and a Polar® compatible wireless system to assist you in maintaining your optimal heart rate to maximize your workouts. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or increase cardio endurance, heart rate training is a crucial element in achieving your goals because weight loss requires you to maintain a lower heart rate than a cardio endurance regimen. TRUE HRC Cruise Control allows you to “lock in” on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered, TRUE HRC Cruise Control will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your targeted heart rate (operates just like the Cruise Control in your car).

  (2) Strength Training (anerobic exercise)  

There are five pieces of equipment in the center for the purpose of strengthening specific muscle groups.

The diagram to the right shows the muscle groups that a full round of exercise on these machines can enhance. The primary groups are in red, while secondary muscle groups are in blue.

It is important to realize that strength exercises are not solely for the purpose of body building — " I can look like Schwartzenegger!" They are also there to tone muscles in a gentle way; to strengthen unused groups; or as therapy for certain joint or muscular problems. For instance, a spinal problem might contraindicate the use of hand weights because of downward strain on the vertebrae. This equipment changes the orientation of the spine to gravity while working the different muscle groups.

Finally, many just prefer to use this type of equipment.


a) Back/Abdominal Paramount

Stabilizes and tones muscle groups used in sitting up and rising from a lying or sitting position. Its purpose is more useful in developing tone, than it is in muscle building. Those with back injuries will need special instruction.

Muscle Groups used:

  • Back: gluteal group, erector spinae
  • Abdomen: rectus abdominus and Ilio-psoas.
  b) Chest PressCybex  

Helpful in pushing up from the floor.

Muscle Groups used:

  • Primary: pectoralis major
  • Secondary: anterior deltoid and triceps
  c) Leg Curl — Cybex  

Tones and strengthens the calf muscles and upper leg muscles (as shown) assisting in balance and stair climbing.

Muscle Groups used:

  • Primary: the Hamstrings
  • Secondary: the calf (gastrocenemius)
  d) Leg ExtentionCybex  

Muscle groups useful in activities such as stair climbing.

Muscle Groups used:

  • Primary: quadriceps
  e) Pull DownCybex  

This exercise strengthens both back muscles and biceps. Promotes good posture.

Muscle Groups used:

  • Primary: latissimus dorsi , teres major
  • Secondary: biceps, brachioradialis and lower trapezius
  f) Quantum Fitness Adult Quick Circuit 6 Exercise Station



  • A total fitness device for building strength, functional power muscular endurance or just toning
  • Six of the most called for exercises from one exercise station
  • For the beginning to the elite fitness participant
  • Total accommodating resistance for the most efficient way to load muscles yet the safest way
  • The complete fitness center for all adults in just a 3’ x 6” area
  • Perfect for unsupervised or monitored exercise facilities
  • Express functional workouts for upper and lower body


  (3) Specific Usage (to supplement Strength Training)
  a) Inside Rower Concept II  

An analysis of the "muscles used" in rowing motions suggests that very few major muscle groups are not used in the process.

For those interested in a very detailed description of the various phases of "rowing" and the muscles used in each, there is a PDF file available from the Concepts II company entitled Muscles Used in Rowing.

Generally, using a rower is useful as:

  1. a Cardiovascular exercise when used in a slow consistent motion.
  2. an exercise to strengthen both the upper and lower body with a smooth, rhythmic motion.
  3. an impact free exercise which — when done vigorously, exercises the biceps, the lateral and lower muscles of the back.
  4. a way to use a wide range of motion to promote flexibility in muscles and joints.
  5. a way to allow exercise at any level by using adjustable variable resistance as desired.


  b) Hand Weights, Bench and FitBall®  
  One of the utilities of hand weights is they are a "purer" exercise. Weights — used correctly — tend to isolate specific muscle groups without using others. Hence if there is a specific strength deficit, the trainer can identify a repetitive motion to address the weakness. In addition there are certain motions that are only possible with hand weights.

  Using the bench in various settings allows very specific muscle groups to be isolated which cannot be exercised correctly in a standing position. In addition, downward pressure on the back can be deflected during exercise by the reclining positions of the bench.

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