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The Use of the Fitness Center 
Over 60 persons a day visit the Rossmoor Fitness Center to use its facilities, and there are many reasons why it is one of the more popular community offerings.

Many feel that an exercise routine invigorates them and is an enjoyable "feel-good" activity. "I love my morning endorphin rush!" one enthusiastic user commented. Others seek a cardio-fitness program on the treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles which — along with healthy eating habits and weight control — is a life style change that makes sense.

A number of residents use it for recovery after cardiac conditions, realizing that adhering to a well designed, physician recommended program — is therapeutic. Many orthopedic physicians recommend specific exercises to improve joint or back disabilities, while for diabetics — consistent exercise is part of the control of their condition. These reasons are not unique to a Senior Adult Community. They apply to any age group.

The entrance to the Fitness Center is located in the Village Center Building near the entrance to Rossmoor and its Clubhouse.
The Exercise room itself has a very open feeling and all users can look out the back windows (shown here).
  The view from the windows.
  Inside the Exercise Room

The exercise room is 26' x 43', mirrored (giving it a "twice-the-size" visual appearance) and with a view out the windows — from all equipment locations. It has a wide variety of modern exercise apparatus from Treadmills, Ellipticals, a Rower, Stationary Bicycles, and Upper Body Exercise Machines — 21 in all — to handweights and reclining bench.

Television is in place to pass the time, and many users bring a variety of music devices with earphones.  
  The Fitness Center as a "Gathering Place"




Though the primary purpose of any Fitness Center is "healthy choice," it also serves Rossmoor residents as a place to interact. For instance, this group comes together most mornings at 7AM to workout. There is conversation, laughter and an opportunity to say "Hello." Not structured as a "Club," the group welcomes new arrivals, and those who attend vary. Some shown here still work, and leave to go to jobs either locally or in the city.

Some prefer using the Fitness Center as an activity a couple can do together (as shown here), while others come to concentrate on learning a prescribed workout routine. Some visit the Center just to use a specific type of apparatus.

Many residents use the Fitness Center after returning home from work; from spending the day on various Projects at Rossmoor or in the surrounding community. It's a way to get rid of nervous energy; to concentrate; or just to tone up and feel better.

The reasons for using any Fitness Center vary, but all agree that it makes a major difference in the way one feels; the energy they have; and the feeling of accomplishment it brings.


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