General Course Description


Aerial Photographs of Rossmoor

To the left is a high altitude aerial map of Rossmoor taken in 1995 and reproduced here courtesy of the USGS (US Geologic Survey).

The Rossmoor Community of 2303 units and 3000 residents is outlined in dark blue. The New Jersey Turnpike is the North/South road to the left. The 104 acre golf course is outlined in red. A writer about the designer Desmond Muirhead once observed, "His concept was that the golf course determined the shape of the community and not the other way around."

Approximately 40 community units create the western and southern boundaries of the course, while the course to the north and the east is open to be seen by the community as they drive or walk about the perimeter. The road within Rossmoor circles the course completely.

One of the special beauties of Rossmoor is the large green expanse of the course, its manicured grass, lovely trees of many different varieties, and people actively enjoying use of the golf course.


This is a lower altitude aerial photograph of the course looking north at a time when autumn was overtaking Rossmoor.

The small fountain in the lake as well as the arched wooden bridge near the 2nd hole can be seen at the lower right of the picture.



  A Diagram of Muirhead's Course

The course is built on the "2 loops of nine" design. (Follow the holes starting at the top right of the diagram.)

This idea was first presented in print by Alister Mackenzie in his famous book, Golf Architecture which points out the advantage of this configuration. It creates 2 starting points within the course from which to start play, and a halfway point for players to stop should they so desire.

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