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Welcome to the Connecticut
No other unit in the community appears more as a charming clapboard "New England" house than the "Connecticut."

With 1252 square feet of living space, "Connecticut" is the "middle size" of all the floorplans in Rossmoor, with 25 larger, and 25 smaller. There are a total of 70 "Connecticuts" scattered throughout Mutuals 4b to 9 (the east and south sides of Rossmoor). It also comprises approximately 3% of all units (of a total of 2303).

Size and Modification Considerations

The floorplan to the left is that of the home shown on this tour.

We will use this unit to demonstrate the subtle difference between examples of the same model. Depending upon original construction constraints, owner preferences or modifications - they can vary slightly. We always recommend asking your realtor for an updated plan or sketch of the available unit. This helps a buyer to best assess future furniture placement.

For comparison, the schematic to the right is a "Connecticut" taken from the "Floor Plans" section of our HomePage. Though "overall" size and configurations are virtually the same, there are minor differences. To compare these more easily, we have colored the three "differing" areas to show these differences.

  1. The toured model on this webpage is a reverse image of the HomePage floor plan. (Note the "green" Bedrooms are at opposite ends of the floorplan.)
  2. The patio in the toured unit connects to the Living Room while in the HomePage floorplan it connects to the Dining Room. ("pink" areas.)
  3. Finally, the access to the kitchen on the toured unit is only from the DiningRoom whereas in the HomePage model it connects from both the Hall and the Dining Room. (Compare "yellow" areas)
Entrance Way
Looking down the hall toward the entrance door, the closet and storage spaces on either side can be easily appreciated.   To one side of the entrance door, there is a large clothing closet.
Kitchen — Dining Room

The compact kitchen is well lighted with an outside window. It includes all appliances; a tile floor, and modern granite working surfaces. The Dining Room, also well lighted through an outside window, has a ceiling fan and tile floor.


Kitchen Area as seen from the Dining Room
Dining Room viewed from the kitchen. Note hall to the right. The living room entrance is on the near right.
Living Room and Enclosed Patio
The Living Room looking in the direction of the Entry Hall
The Living Room with the Enclosed Patio to the left
and Dining Room to the right.
Looking from the Living Room into the Enclosed Patio
Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The Master Bedroom 15'4" long, has an armoire (as an additional clothing cabinet). Also, in the hall immediately outside the bedroom, is a large closet with additional storage space. The Master Bathroom is adjacent to the Bedroom, and separated from the remainder of the unit by a hall door. (note floorplan below.)

    The second "Bedroom" in this unit had been converted into a comfortable study complete with computer equipment.

The Secondary Bathroom to the left in the floorplan, contains the unit's Washer/Dryer equipment as well..



The Master Bathroom includes a shower and freestanding closet - an additional full closet is in the Hallway.

The Structure of a "Townhouse"

The "Connecticut" is part of a "Townhouse"
An interesting feature of construction is that the Connecticut is combined with three other units within a single construction footprint. A satellite view of one such townhouse (courtesy of Google Maps) shows the connections.

Essentially the foot print consists of three joined buildings - a central one of two floors with the Vermont Unit on the ground floor, and the New Hampshire Unit on the 2nd floor. The Connecticut and the Delaware are both ground floor units attached to the central building.

Of the three, the Connecticut has the largest living space of 1252 sq feet. The other units range from 1150 to 1190 sq ft.

Another way to visualize the positions of the three units is to drag your pointer over this picture.
Privacy and a sense of "openess"

Many contemporary retirement communities feature units literally facing each other or with their outer walls and windows in close proximity. Rossmoor has always featured "openess," interesting out-of-doors views, winding paths and tree lined spaces. In addition, the "shared" walls are confined to less used spaces (such as bathrooms) with resultant control of sound.

The diagram to the left shows the location of the doorways to the three units - placed well away from each other for maximum privacy and the more "open feel" as described above. The "Connecticut" is a good example of this plan in use.

Views out the windows (or the front door) include tree lined streets, and open lawns. Other buildings, even in the inner courtyards, are separated from each other by lawns, trees and pathways. Although the "Connecticut" does not feature a garage - well maintained car ports are less than 1/2 block away. (as per diagram)

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