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Rossmoor has a dedicated group of Volunteer Tour Guides who take great pride in their community, and — because they have themselves been residents for a number of years — are very knowledgeable about what it is like to live here. From personal experience, they understand what in any community is important when someone decides to look for an Active Adult Community. Not only do the Volunteers know their community well, but they are also eager to share what they enjoy in the surrounding areas. The information you will receive from them comes from their honest pride in Rossmoor, and the fact that they really enjoy living here.
Arranging to take a tour
For those interested in a tour, the following steps will put you in contact with one of our volunteers.
  1. Call our Administration Office at 1-609-655-1000 on Mon-Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM. A member of the office staff will be able to assist you, or after hours — you will have the option of leaving your name, address and telephone number. Someone will call you back as soon as possible. You may also request a copy of our Rossmoor Brochure (This is also available as a PDF file from this website), as well as of the Rossmoor News (our monthly community newspaper).

  2. The Administration personnel will take your name and a telephone number, and one of our volunteers will contact you directly to set up an appointment to meet. Appointment times are available 7 days a week.

    In the event of inclement weather, or bad traffic tie-ups, the volunteer will have given you his/her personnel telephone number. They can be reached easily in such situations — even by cell phone while you are en route — until the last few minutes before your meeting time.

  3. The entrance to our Front Gate (so-called "North Gate) is from Forsgate Drive (Rt. 32). It is a right turn coming from the direction of the NJ Tpk, and a left turn when approaching from the direction of Jamesburg to the east. "Rossmoor Drive" is clearly marked on the traffic light at the entrance to Rossmoor.

  4. You will approach the Gate House in the right lane. Your Tour Guide will have notified the Gate that you are expected. Once past, there is a reserved parking area just for persons taking a tour just inside (marked with a sign "Guest Holding Area" on the right.) Your guide will meet you there.

    The Gate House at the entrance to Rossmoor

    The Visitor's Parking Space to the right just beyond the gate.
    Sign marking the place to park.

  5. Should a visitor wish to bring family members along, this is quite acceptable, though probably 3 additional persons should be the limit. (This is a simple consideration of being able to ride in the same car with the Tour Guide and to hear his/her explanations first-hand.)

What a visitor can learn from their Guide

  • The Guide will also provide you with additional material for reading at a later time, which may include a MAP of the streets within Rossmoor; the most current listing of Clubs available, and whom to contact.

    Maps of the general Princeton Area can be found at the following links, courtesy of

                (Shows Rossmoor in relation to nearby Princeton, NJ)
                (Shows a map of nearby Princeton, NJ)

  • Plan on a visit through the community of approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The Guide will show you a full view of the curving streets with its colonial architecture; explain how Rossmoor was developed from 18 different "Mutuals" over the course of two decades; and the differences between Cooperative and Condominium Units. (Click HERE for a definition of these two types of units.)

  • The Guide will address some basic financial issues, and how the community is governed. There will be insights into how "Maintenance" works; how the outside of all properties are maintained, mowed, weeded and receive snow-removal; and be pleasantly surprised about resident choices for gardening if this is desired.

  • There will be time to view our Championship 18 hole Golf Course with its Pro-Shop (a fascination for those interested in golfing, and a beautifully manicured part of Rossmoor with flowering trees and small lakes for those who are not.) Either way, it is particularly attractive with a wonderful sense of openness anyone living here will enjoy.
  • The Guide will point out the Croquet Court, Tennis and Pickleball Courts, Bocce and Shuffleboard Courts and the large out-of-doors Swimming Pool / Gathering Place, and the Fitness Center. They will visit the white-columned Clubhouse with its newly renovated Ball Room and Meeting areas, Billiard Room, Ping-Pong Tables, Ceramics room, Art Studio, Woodworking Room, Libraries and Computer Club Lab.

  • The tour will include a stop at the steepled Meeting House, a place of worship for the three major religions at Rossmoor, and where many programs, meetings and musical events are held.

Followup and Locating a Home at Rossmoor

  1. Though as has been said, Guides (as well as Rossmoor Administration) are not involved in the sale of Rossmoor property. Yet, where possible, they will make available a printed copy of the various Realtors (with addresses, and telephone numbers, and - when available - website addresses ) who have sold property in Rossmoor in the past. The prospective resident's next step will be to contact local realtors to investigate what residences and what models are for sale in our community. History has shown that roughly 100 units become available for sale each year.

  2. When the Guide takes you back to your car, you will be invited to contact him/her at any time with questions related to Rossmoor. Our Guides are always willing to be available by telephone, and look forward to seeing you become a member of the community at a later time!

Useful Links

  1. Get a copy of the Rossmoor Brochure in PDF file format from this webpage.
  2. Directions to Rossmoor
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