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The Madison
This unit is one of the more unique housing units in Rossmoor. It is also a popular model (32 units) which comprises approximately 1.4% of all 2303 residences.

It is the only two level manor in Rossmoor with its two bedrooms on the 2nd floor.

The footprint of this particular Townhouse includes 2 upstairs/downstairs Madisons. They are connected on the left to a Washington unit, and on the right to a Garfield. Occasionally a third unit, the Hudson, is also part of the same building. Put your pointer on the photograph to see how this particular building is divided.

Size Considerations

The Madison has 1420 sq feet of measured living space divided between two floors.
The Floorplan has 2 Bedrooms with walk-in closets; a Dining and Kitchen area; Living Room; a Bathroom on each floor, with a washer/dryer upstairs. Each unit has a terrace area as well.

Modifications: Overtime, many models have modified their room structure and usage.

  • The Terrace is often enclosed so as to create additional inside space (as in the example below). If enclosed, it can increase the listed living space by approximately 97sq feet.

  • The entranceway can be shared, with an inner door leading to each unit (as pictured to the right). Alternatively the front door may lead directly out-of-doors.

  • The following pictures show 2 units, decorated differently, to show the versatility of the design.
Entrance Way
In the Madisons with an Entrance Hallway, this is the appearance of the doorways entering each of the two units. (note the floor plan diagram). Entering either door leads to the unit's foyer and hall closet.
These are views of the entrance hallway viewed from the foyer of one of the units.
Foyer looking out the front doorway
  View from the doorway, Living room is behind and toward the left.
The Foyer
Living Room / Staircase to the 2nd floor


Full Living room seen from the stairway
Floor Plan of the Living Room, Entrance and Stair to 2nd floor
Stairway to the 2nd floor
Another example of the Living Room and the Stairway in a different Madison Unit.
Kitchen and Breakfast Area
Full View of the Kitchen area
The Breakfast Area of the Kitchen




Dining Room Area and FloorPlan
View Out-of-doors and an enclosed Terrace
Looking out into an enclosed Terrace area
The Terrace
Bedroom and Bathrooms
Bed Room decors in two different units.
Upstairs Bathroom
Washer /Dryer Upstairs Bathroom
Floor Plan of the 2nd floor
showing closets and Bathroom

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