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Welcome to The Virginia 2

With 1,365 square feet of living space, the "Virginia2" is the "middle size" of all the floorplans in Rossmoor, with 25 larger, and 25 smaller. There are a total of 70 "Virginia 2's " scattered throughout Mutuals 4b to 9 (the east and south sides of Rossmoor). It also comprises approximately 3% of all units (of a total of 2303).

Satellite and Street View

Size and Modification Considerations

The floorplan to the left is that of the home shown on this tour.






Depending upon original construction constraints, owner preferences or modifications - they can vary slightly. We always recommend asking your realtor for an updated plan or sketch of the available unit. This helps a buyer to best assess future furniture placement.

Entrance Way
Looking down the hall toward the entrance door,on one side of the entrance door, there is a large clothing closet.   The Utility closet with a Hot Water heater is beyond the foyer and down the hallway to the right.
Living Room entered directly from the Foyer
Dining Room
Dining Area through the doorway from the Living Room
Dining Area as seen from the Living Room
Dining Area as seen from the Kitchen
Kitchen and Covered Patio
Kitchen Area as seen from the Dining Room
Kitchen Area as seen from the Dinette
Kitchen Area as seen through a window
from the Covered Patio
Covered Patio facing the Backyard
Backyard as seen from the Covered Patio
Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The Master Bedroom 16'5" long, has two closets.



In addition there is a Bathroom opening directly into the Bedroom.


Also, in the hall immediately outside the 2nd Bedroom, is a 2nd Bathroom (note floorplan above.).

    The second "Bedroom" in this unit had been converted into a comfortable study complete with computer equipment.

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