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the Williamsburg
The second largest of the home floorplans in Rossmoor is the Williamsburg. This example, situated on a side street of the community, is surrounded by attractive outside landscaping. The picture does not show the entrance to its two car garage, the doors of which are behind the pine tree to the left of the picture.
Size Considerations
The Williamsburg has 2081 sq feet of living space. The two car garage adds an additional 451sq feet, while access to the attic space (which runs the entire length of the unit) is via a pull-down ladder in the garage.

Modifications: Overtime, many models have modified their room structure and usage. As an example this floorplan demonstrates two of the changes which were done to this specific unit.

First: the far end of the garage in some units, has an alcove which provides ample space for a golf cart or other storage. In this model the space has been absorbed into the floorplan to become a small den or computer room.

Second: the "Family Room" shown was created by combining the home's "Enclosed Porch" and one inside room — creating a large, 27' long single room. To see another plan where the Porch/Patio and Family Rooms are separate, go to "Floor Plans" on the Rossmoor Home Page.

The Williamsburg has a combined Living Room and Dining Room; a Kitchen and Breakfast area; 2 bedrooms; 2 1/2 Bathrooms; and a Laundry/Utility Room just off the garage. Note that the Master Bedroom has a connecting Bathroom, and walk-in closet, while the second Bedroom is served by a large Bathroom with tub and shower accessed via the hall.
Entrance Way
Entrance Floorplan
By referring to the accompanying partial plans, the entrance via the Foyer can be seen. The entrance opens directly into the combined Living room Dining room space, as well as leads into the main hall of the manor.
Foyer looking out the front doorway
  View from the doorway, Living room is through the door way on the left.
Floor Plan of the entranceway
Combined Living Room / Dining Room Area
Full length of Living room / Dining room area from Foyer
Full length of Living room / Dining room area looking toward Foyer
Dining room / Living room Floor plan with dimensions.
View from the Familyroom into the Living room /Dining room combination.

These two pictures are taken from the same location in the center of the room, but with a 180 degree difference in direction.
Living room area pictured alone
Dining room area pictured alone
Kitchen and Breakfast Area
Full View of the Kitchen area looking into the Family Room
The Breakfast Area of the Kitchen
Floor Plan of the Kitchen and its relationship to the Dining room
The Dining Room is to the right
Family Room and View Out-of-doors
Writing table area by an outside window
The right side of the Family Room
Floor plan of the Family Room
(Remember that in this model, the Family Room and Enclosed Patio have been combined.)
A view out the window of the Family Room. This Springtime Picture shows a lovely Cherry Tree, which as it drops its blossoms, looks a bit like "Pink Rain."
Bedroom and Bathroom



Guest Bedroom

Master BedRoom
Floor Plan of the Bedroom area
Large Bathroom with tub/shower combination
Virtual Tour of the Living Room / Dining Room area
and of the Family Room
Take a virtual tour of the Living Room / Dining Room area of this Williamsburg Model. You will be able to
rotate the room and see different aspects of the room as if you were there!

Instructions for use:

  • Place pointer on the picture
  • Hold down left mouse button, and drag it in either direction to rotate the room or move it up or down.
  • Hold down the <SHIFT> key to zoom in on the picture
  • Hold down the <CTRL> key to zoom outwards.

These tours utilize Quick Time Movie Technology. If you do not have a copy installed,
you can get a Free Download from Apple Computer compatible with both PC and MAC
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