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  The "Brookside" area of Rossmoor — outlined in green on the map below — is located in the southeast corner of the community on either side of a small brook. Newport Way is the major street and arcs across Cedar Brook in two places. Because of the brook, this part of the community has its own unique appearance.  

Cedar Brook originates from Cedar Brook Pond (a 4 1/2 acre pond east of Rossmoor which in turn is fed by a 7 1/2 acre pond to the north), and flows through the trees and willows of the south-east section of the community.
(The blue arrow and line in the map to the left trace the brook's position and direction of flow)

As a point of interest, upon leaving the southern part of Rossmoor the brook flows first into Cranbury Brook supplying a lake in the Town of Cranbury. From there, its water goes into the Millstone River (a major tributary of the Raritan River) which runs parallel to the historic Delaware and Raritan Canal. Finally by way of the Raritan River, the water of Cedar Brook (running downhill from 140 feet above sea level) ultimately reaches the Atlantic Ocean!

  A practical use of Cedar Brook Pond is that in the warmer months, water is pumped from the pond into the two lakes of the Rossmoor Golf Course. One of these lakes is pictured above beneath the small bridge connecting the fairway to the green of the 2nd hole.
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