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The East Side Story
A wide-open feeling is characteristic of this area because many units have a full view of the Golf Course, its trees and well kept greens. Approximately 1/2 the circumference of the Course is open on its eastern side. The map to the left with the area circled in green demonstrates the relationship between the Course and the East Side community.  

Autumn in Rossmoor

Because of a long row of maples bordering the East Side along Old Nassau Rd (and Rossmoor Drive as well), autumn is particularly beautiful in The East Side.


A Small Park

When Autumn ends and the leaves disappear, this small park along Rossmoor Road can be seen more easily. In Season the trees are decorated with colorful Christmas lights. Walking through the park in good weather, or enjoying the sunlight from the bench in the foreground — are pleasant options. From this location and looking away from the trees, the Clubhouse, Golf Course Entrance and several greens can be seen easily.


Other housing units
Here are examples of other buildings on the Golf Course side of the area.

Community Residents come from many different backgrounds and professional experience. A partial list concerning the 3000 or more residents includes: Teachers, Executive Secretaries, Nurses, Business People (often those who owned their own companies), Physicians, Architects, Engineers (several have worked in space related programs), Computer and Software Developers, College Professors, Clergymen, Librarians, Military Chaplains, Artists, Professional Photographers, Musicians — and many others. What makes living in such a community special, is that these are people who continue to give of their experience in ways that greatly contribute to this and the surrounding communities.
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