The North-East Corner

In area, the North East Corner is relatively small. Yet with its shade trees, winding streets, picturesque street lamps, and colonial style buildings — it is a pleasure to see.


Street names reflect an early New England heritage.

Housing Unit Names recall early American Patriots and Founders, as well as persons significant in the history of New Jersey. There are Washingtons, Jeffersons, Adams, Franklins, Hamiltons and others — with a total of 19 different floor plans.

One of the smaller units in Rossmoor is named the Ross (remembering that Betsy Ross was born and brought up in New Jersey); Trent (Robert Trent was the founder of Trenton); and, of course, Monroe (named after the 5th President of the United States wounded in the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War.)


The area also demonstrates the versatility of housing at Rossmoor.

Unlike many surrounding communities, Rossmoor has a number of smaller units (called cooperatives). Though the smallest units have one bedroom, most are standard two bedroom units. All are in attractive buildings with interesting architecture and surrounded by a pleasant out-of-doors space.


The Madison . . .
. . . is an interesting variant of these units. Its floor plan includes a second floor (with two bedrooms and bath), and a downstairs (with a 2nd bathroom) giving the unit the most space of the cooperative apartments. At approximately 1420 sq feet of living space, it is an attractive layout with an open stairway leading to the second floor.

  Condominium vs Co-op: Rossmoor has housing units of both types. Therefore this is probably a good point to define the technical difference between them as defined by the Condominium Associations Institute. Click HERE for their definition.  

Streets in the North East Corner
The enlarged map to the right shows the interesting pattern of streets and units in this area.

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