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Sky West

One of the attractions of Rossmoor is the full view of the sky seen from most homes on its western side. Some residents quip that ". . . we live in Big Sky Country!" Cloud formations; sunsets; flocks of migrating geese; crisscrossing vapor trails are just a few of the sights best seen from this vantage point.

To get a better sense of the homes in this area, there are 12 different Manor layouts, many on one floor while others have a 2nd floor manor over a 1st floor manor. The two largest units (also in other areas of Rossmoor) are the Monticello and the Williamsburg (the latter pictured here). The Monticello has a living space of 2,367 sq feet and the Williamsburg, 2,081 sq feet. Both have 2 car garages whose combined area adds an additional 450 sq feet.

(The Rossmoor Home Page has extensive diagrams of floor plans for selected units.)

  The units are interestingly positioned without the squarish monotony of many other residential developments. Even the pattern of its paths are creative combinations of designs — some curved, some zigzagged, and others which disappear around the corner of the next building.  
  These units look out over the green open space of the Golf Course. A pass-through to the course is seen to the right of the lamppost in the left picture.  
  Spring's Flowering Trees  

Wild Life
Interesting wild life can be seen in Rossmoor. This small Marsh Hawk — for example — was photographed while taking a midday "time-out" from its strenuous job of hunting! Resting beneath a small spruce tree beside one of the units he still kept a constant eye out for "critters." Hey! You never know!

Recently one evening a resident, walking his dog, was surprised to see a very large bird sitting on top of one of the buildings. As he approached, the bird took off flying silently into the sky. As it flew, its white head and tail were unmistakable — a Bald Eagle had been perched on the roof line!

A local nesting pair of Bald Eagles was recently reported by the Plainsboro Audubon Center, and a single eagle has been seen fishing along the shore of Lake Carnegie in nearby Princeton.

  And then there are the Canada Geese! Although rarely seen inside of Rossmoor, flocks of them abound in the area. The plentiful food supply in local ponds, and in the area's large corn and soybean fields — may well be the attraction.
This picture shows "wall to wall" Canada Geese in a local pond outside of Rossmoor! Little wonder that the Leni-Lenapi Indians, who lived in this area long ago, regarded the Goose as their favorite food! A local food market, "WaWa," draws its unusual name from the Leni-Lenape word for Goose!

NO, this is NOT a sculptured "gargoyle" on the edge of a manor!

This little squirrel sat very quietly — thinking he was completely invisible to the photographer. When the "intruder" left he probably planned to continue sizing up supplies of nuts on the surrounding trees and grounds — his private delicatessen!

And, of course, no manor is complete without at least one "resident rabbit!"

Sky Watching

Sky Watching at Rossmoor can be a treat. Along the western side of the community the smaller trees allow a full view of the skyline from most locations.

Sky Watching has always carried the same fascination as Ocean Watching, i.e., it constantly changes, but is never the same.

These photographs, taken from the front yard of one of SkyWest's units, are examples.

A "V-shaped" flight of geese aims between the vapor trails — themselves silent marks of unseen aircraft en route from New York City, Military Bases, Europe or parts unknown.

Night begins slowly. As clouds darken, still rimmed with bright borders, a striking three dimensional effect appears . . .

  . . . and is finally followed by — the sunsets.
And then there is "Comfortable"

Winter in Rossmoor — with the outside shoveling and clearing of paths done by the staff — one can lean back and enjoy the view just as you have always wanted to do.

It is reminiscent of times "long ago" of family, of fireplace, of the warmth of an evening, of reading and just relaxing. "Comfortable" may be an understatement.

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