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The Village Green

A compact area in the North West corner of Rossmoor surrounds a centrally located park with the white spire of the Meeting House rising between the trees. The tall maples surrounding the Village Green and the encircling Colonial design houses resemble New England architecture of a time long ago.

A view of the Village Green




One of the advantages of living in this area is that it is close to many of the useful areas of the community. For instance it is walking distance to the Clubhouse (where many of the activities of Rossmoor take place — see below); the Golf Course entrance; the Fitness Center; the Pool; and the Tennis, Shuffleboard and Bocce Courts.

Adjacent to Rossmoor property and within walking distance of the Green are:

  • a branch of a local Bank
  • an on-site Delicatessen, and
  • a Bus Stop providing public transportation to New York City.
The Meeting House

A special place on the Village Green is the Meeting House whose steeple is one of the special landmarks of the community. The building's design closely follows New England tradition, the steeple at the front of the church and the entrance door just below on the narrow wall of the building.

Although the term "Meeting House" is synonymous with "a house of worship," it traditionally served Puritan New England as a place for public meetings as well. In Rossmoor this tradition continues. All three Faith Communities at Rossmoor use it for worship, and it is a place for special musical events and larger public meetings.

A more extensive tour of the Meeting House is available on our website and includes a section about the Faith Communities at Rossmoor. To view this section either return to the HomePage or click HERE.

Spring in the Village

This view of the Clubhouse shows several of the flowering trees that fill views of Rossmoor during the springtime. Pears, Magnolias, Weeping Cherries, Dogwood are but a few of the species that have been planted throughout the community.


Thank you for taking this tour of Rossmoor — the Village. We hope that you enjoyed the sights, and have come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of this very special Active Adult Community.
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