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 The Guild is dedicated to being a resource for learning and creating a wide variety of items from Wood. It welcomes those who are taking time to make their first project since retiring; those who desire to sharpen skills they have not used in years; and those who are at the level of craftsman. All residents of Rossmoor, men and women alike, are welcome to the WoodShop's extensive collection of tools, well organized workspace and shop-monitors eager to be of assistance. We encourage all first time visitors to our website to look at the other sections of our Workshop - to see the type of projects possible; the quality and diversity of tools we maintain; and an example of "education in progress," i.e., "Bird Carving."

 Getting Started
The workshop is open:

  • Monday - Friday: 8-12 and 12-4
  • Saturday: 8-12
  • Closed on Sundays and Holidays
  • Special times: when classes are run, most recently a Workshop on Bird Carving.

When open, the Workshop is staffed by Monitors whose job is:

  • To qualify new residents on specific machines (the Guild maintains more than 16 major pieces of equipment), both in instruction on operation as well as on safety issues.
  • To be available during each session to answer questions and be a resource of information.
  • The Guild maintains a volunteer monitor staff of approximately 15.
New wooden working surfaces have been installed during 2007.

 Starting a project
There are a large number of woodworking magazines and books available commercially (such as at amazon.com). The woodshop itself has a small library of books on different woodworking projects, tool usage and many other subjects.


 The Layout of the Wood Shop


The Wood Shop consists of 5 areas.

  1. The main area has over 16 different pieces of woodworking equipment as well as large work surfaces, vacuum and air purification equipment.
  2. A small tool closet containing screwdrivers, planes, wood clamps, etc.
  3. An area storing Project Manuals
  4. A Paint Shop with exhaust equipment
  5. Srorage Lockers for keeping personal items and specialized tools.


Storage Lockers
  Inside a Storage Locker

Paint Shop
  Inside the Small Tools Closet

Woodshop Main Page | Projects | Tools & Equipment | Bird Carving

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