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The complexity of the projects created in the Rossmoor Woodshop varies greatly and reflects the interest and the ability of the woodworker. But for all levels of woodworking skill, there are the tools, the plans and the shared experiences of fellow woodworkers to create the desired project..

The head of the Guild has asked members of the Rossmoor Community to let them know what people are interested in making. Almost anything is possible with the array of equipment maintained in the Woodshop, "from cutlery trays to furniture."Bird Carving" is a new topic in which classes will be offered on Monday evenings, 6-9 PM.

A Chair with a carved back
Let's explore first how one particular project was created - in this case a complicated one involving cutting, carving, finishing and upholstering.

In the course of any project, the individual worker is responsible for providing the wood, any fasteners and finishing materials. (The latter are water based for safety reasons.)

After appropriate preparation and leveling of the wood, plans are made to begin the process of carving and mortising.

In this project, a mortising tool was used to cut grooves and other connection facets making the future chair strong and steady.

Wooden Tongs
Then there are simple projects such as these Wooden Tongs - useful for many purposes including cooking or serving food, and there are many others. With the teaching available from the Guild, a worker can progress from this level to more complcated projects overtime.



Love-Spoon Carvings
There was a 17th Century Welsh custom wherein spoons such as these were carved by a young man to impress the woman he wanted to court. It not only was a way to demonstrate his skill, but was also a "correct" way to express his affection. The "courting ritual" of the day required that "courting" could begin only after the young woman accepted his gift of the spoon!


Woodworking Exhibit in the Gallery 3/08
The Guild sponsored an exhibit of various examples of woodworking possibilities from 3/3 through 3/15/08. In addition certificates of appreciation were awarded to monitors for their faithful work in supervising the Wood Shop.

A number of projects, not seen before were also exhibited in the show. Examples are shown below.

Appropriately, a "Bird's Eye View" of this bench.
  A reproduction of a cylindrical box, used to store valuables during travel aboard boat. The premise was that should the boat encounter a serious problem and sink, this box - if thrown overboard - would float, thereby protecting the valuables from loss.  
During the Exhibit, Bird Carvings were also shown.
Click HERE to go to our "Bird Carving" page and see pictures of those exhibited.

Furniture Projects include the sideboard on the left and the entertainment center on the right.

All furniture, and other projects seen below, was also made in the Rossmoor Woodshop.

This Hobby Horse was made by a Guild Member.
This train model makes a great project, as was this unique small shelf with a Nautical Theme.


Fret Saw Projects
Other hobbyists enjoy creating ornate or complex designs, some as appliques and others as stand-alones.

The clock on the right is an example of an applique of bleached wood attached to mahogany.

An example of a Fret Saw working on two layers of wood to maximize output.

In contrast, the design on the left, fully encloses the works of a functional clock. On the right, a 1 1/2 foot tall Ferris Wheel has a filigreed surface, and can be rotated by a small electric motor hidden within its intricate support system.

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