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Bird Carving - an Overview
The Woodworker's Guild offers woodworking courses in different areas, and mentors are always available to help newcomers plan projects. Many of these projects can be found in the Guild's Library in the Woodshop.

One course, currently offered, is on the proper carving techniques to create very realistic appearing birds. The class carves, sands, and burns details into the wood creating a Ruby-throated Hummingbird that would be a beautiful addition to any home. The goal is to create a bird which looks as real as the craft person can manage. Additional skill will develop over time and with experience. Additional classes are planned for both beginners and for experienced carvers.

The emphasis continues to be "safety" no matter what tools are used.


A Hummingbird

The woodshop has a number of books available with detailed plans on how to create various bird projects, how to carve and burn them, and finally how to assemble and prepare them for painting.

The first hour or two is devoted to teaching the proper and safe methods of using carving knives and other tools used in such a project.

The Class is given the wood components that have been
roughly shaped on a band saw.
The pieces are carved to make them 3-D by
following examples on display.
The parts are inscribed with feather details
using both carving and burning tools.
The finished pieces are glued together, eyes mounted, and a smooth surface created by applying wood filler.
  After painting and mounting on an appropriate stand, here is the finished project - a very realistic looking Ruby Throated Hummingbird.


The Bird Carvers showed their work in the March 2008 Wood Working Exhibit
The birds were shown in a special display cabinet on the wall of the Gallery, 3/2 - 3/15/08. Closeups on some of these carvings are duplicated below.
Other Bird Projects that have been done include a Canada Goose
. . . . as well as smaller birds displayed in a natural setting.

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